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EPA reports on hazardous substances at the XTO blow-out site

An official EPA document reports that over 250,000 gallons of "hazardous substances" were present o
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What would evacuation look like?

On February 14, 2018, in Belmont County (OH), a fracking well being completed by XTO Energy experienced what the company described as a "loss of containment," accompanied by an explosion and fire. A mandatory evacuation was ordered for a one-mile radius of the well pad, with some consideration of extending it to two miles. (See our related story.) If a similar incident were to occur at the proposed Edgar Thomson site, the corresponding evacuation zone would encompass parts of 17 different municipalities.

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Regular meeting: Beaver County Marcellus Awareness Committee (BCMAC)

2 days 18 hours from now

Regular meeting of BCMAC/CAP. New people are welcome. Come for latest updates on the Falcon Pipeline and its threat to the Ambridge Reservoir. (More info on BCMAC's website:

Stream Monitoring Workshop

8 hours 28 min from now

Individuals and community groups interested in learning more about the science of shale gas drilling and the tools necessary to monitor streams for potential pollution events are encouraged to attend.
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Feb 17
On February 14, 2018, an XTO frack well suffered what the company terms a "loss of containment" -- that is, in plain language, an explosion and fire. Days later, residents within a mile of the site were still prohibited from entering the area, while a well-control contractor assembled workers and equipment to begin recovery operations.

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Feb 17
See our latest update on the PetroChemical Build-Out.
Feb 16
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has announced public hearings on Shell's "Falcon" pipeline. Watch our calendar for times and locations as they are determined.
Feb 15

A new analysis from Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) indicates that the "official" estimates of methane from Pennsylvania's oil and gas industry may be under-counting by as much as a factor of five.

Feb 14

An energy executive recommends stealthy "ninja" tactics to slip major projects past civic opposition. A recent report in DeSmog Blog quotes the CEO of Crestwood Energy, speaking at the "Marcellus Midstream 2018" conference, held in Pittsburgh in January.

Feb 8 2018
U.S. Steel has announced an agreement to lease a portion of the Edgar Thomson plant for a drill pad, from which the surrounding area can be fracked. Local residents and families have been left in the dark, to wait for the consequences of fracking. This page is a place for collecting information and resources to share with the community.
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