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Oct 4 2014

Dear High School, College & University Students,

We're receiving an increasing number of inquiries from students seeking information/interviews for their classwork.

Much of the information most of you seek is available via a Google search. Our suggestion is to consult with pro & anti fracking sites & compare the information given, try to find impartial/factual sites too (these are rare).

Oct 4 2014

The Great Climate March* for Climate Action will be arriving in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, October 14, Press Conference & Action scheduled. Please attend & show your support:

Press Conference
Oct. 14 at 11:30
City County Building steps, 414 Grant St., Pittsburgh 15219

Join us for an ACTION
County Courthouse's courtyard (across Forbes from City County bldg.)

Sep 4 2014

Earlier this summer, the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) posted an online survey, asking County residents to name the most important public health issues facing the County. Conspicuously absent from the list of choices was anything at all related to fracking. Although many residents "wrote-in" fracking, we have been unable to persuade ACHD to issue the results of their survey.

Jul 31

I am Ed Chute. I live with my wife of 48 years, near Pittsburgh, PA. I vividly remember attending elementary and high school in Pittsburgh when street lights were required at mid day because of the dense darkness at noon and when the night skies were constantly illuminated nearly as well as our daylight hours by the industrial glow.

Jul 31

Mel Packer
Comments to EPA 8/1/14

In 1968, the Mannington Mine in Farmington WV owned by Consol Coal, caught fire, blew up, and 78 miners were buried, many likely alive.
In 1972, a Consol mine in Blacksville, WV, caught fire and 9 miners were buried (again, likely alive) when Consol sealed the mine off to stop the fire and save the coal.

Jul 31

Good evening. My name is Gwen Chute. I am the Vice Chair of the Allegheny Group Sierra Club and Chair of their Endangered Species Action Team. I am a retired Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree in Maternal-Child Health Nursing.

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