Industry Lawyers Target 'Shale Gas Outrage' Website

The organizers of last week's "Shale Gas Outrage 2" in Philadelphia are reporting that the fracking industry has threatened legal action against their website.

The following announcement was received by email today:

Marcellus Shale Coalition is attacking the Shale Gas Outrage website, threatening our right to free speech with a potential forced take-down of within hours.

Marcellus Shale Coalition attacks Shale Gas Outrage Website:

MSC, the industry lobbying group which just held its huge, fancy convention, is threatening to force the Shale Gas Outrage website to be taken down, possibly in a matter of hours. MSC’s attorney has complained to our webhost of "copyright infringement." We are in the process of deciphering the legal issues, but in an effort to keep our website live we quickly took down the image MSC complained about.

The Marcellus Shale Coalition, the industry lobbying group which has successfully blocked every attempt to regulate this industry, which likes to throw its weight around. It is loaded with serious money. MSC paid Governor Ridge $900,000 -- just to name one salary -- for promoting shale gas and spinning misinformation about its benefits; and more recently MSC hired State Senator Anthony Williams' wife to take charge of their community outreach in Philadelphia.

Plainly, MSC does not like us telling the truth. It does not like us bringing impacted people, scientists, energy experts, and people with fouled water, people with sick family members, to Philadelphia or anywhere else. At Shale Gas Outrage, we enabled a farmer with water fouled by gas drilling to tell about her daughter's enlarged spleen and liver; and her neighbor's burst spleen. In response, Marcellus Shale Coalition is venting its spleen on us in a petty, controlling, manner.

In case it is taken down against our will in the hours to come, please visit now. Download all the press releases, especially. That's what Marcellus Shale Coalition does not like. Fully documented, thoroughly referenced, serious data about Workers at Risk; about Air under Assault: about the Water Footprint of Shale Gas Drilling. They don't like it that we know what we are talking about. They don't like our Impacted People page. And they want to silence us.

We pick our battles, and being harassed by a vindictive, irresponsible, rogue industry is not our idea of a good time. We have clean water to send to impacted people. We have serious issues on our hands. We have truth to tell and testimony to give. We have sectors to organize. That said, we think everything on our website is protected speech; we think they do not have grounds; and we know for sure they are a big bully.

Please also enjoy the "Shale Gas Outrage in the News" page -- we have far more than that we haven't even been able to upload yet! Go to and check out the Press page, the News page, and all the good energy while you can!

Marcellus Protest will be mirroring some of Shale Gas Outrage's content, in case their site becomes unavailable.

our link was bad

This item has been updated to fix a broken link to the Shale Gas Outrage site. Unfortunately, that error on our part had led some to believe that the Shale Gas Outrage site had been taken down, which is not the case.

The 'hosting' provider for Shale Gas Outrage has, in its Terms of Service, a reference to the "Digital Millennium Copyright Act" (DCMA) which enforces the rights of 'intellectual property owners'. Under DCMA, the hosting service is to 'remove the website or disable the [offending] material' if a purported intellectual property owner 'believes there has been a violation of his or her copyright.' (Note that this policy does not include an opportunity for the website client - i.e., Shale Gas Outrage - to dispute the claim of copyright violation. It only requires the making of a claim of copyright violation.) Shale Gas Outrage says that it has removed the 'offending' artwork; and, apparently, the site remains up.