Uncle Sam Needs [to hear from] YOU, before November 29

The US Coast Guard (USCG) has published its proposed rules for transporting toxic fracking wastewater on river barges. The deadline for public comment is Friday, November 29.

Here's how to comment, and why you should take a position.


It's easy. Click here to go to the official comment page for this USCG proposal, then type, paste or upload your comment. That's it!

You don't need to give your name (although it may help your comment to be taken more seriously); and, if you do give your name, you can still decide whether to share your contact information.

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A single "tow" of barges will carry more than 1000 tanker truck loads of toxic fracking wastewater. Traveling on the Ohio River, that "tow" would risk contaminating the drinking water of millions of Americans. The single advantage of barge shipment? It's cheaper for the fracking industry. That's not a good reason for the Coast Guard to put our health and safety at risk.

And barge shipment won't eliminate truck traffic -- it will simply concentrate it. Those 1000 truckloads of toxic wastewater still need to be brought to the barges for loading. And the Coast Guard won't be regulating those loading sites. Not to mention, "What happens when the barges reach wherever-they're-going?"

Please let the Coast Guard hear from you. You can bet that they'll be hearing from the frackers. Thanks!