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Protesters oppose wastewater dumping (from Pittsburgh TribLIVE)

Roughly 30 protesters gathered at the Clairton Municipal Authority Thursday afternoon to oppose dumping untreated waste water from Marcellus Shale drilling into the Monongahela River.There's more…

Supporters of drilling ban fill room at Pittsburgh public hearing on fracking


Supporters of the ban on gas drilling in the city of Pittsburgh held a spirited rally outside the City Council building, then moved inside to pack the room last night where legislation is being discussed that would place a ban on the gas drilling in the city.There's more…

VIDEO: Rally in Pittsburgh with Josh Fox, director of Gasland (by Julie Sokolow)

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Footage from the Marcellus Shale Protest held in Pittsburgh, PA on November 3rd 2010. The march started in the North Side and ended at the David Lawrence Convention Center where speakers such as Mel Packer, Bill Peduto, Josh Fox, and Justin Sane took the stage. Video by Julie Sokolow.

VIDEO: March to say "No Fracking Way!" (by Nigel Parry)

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Footage of the enthusiastic and colorful march to oppose hydro-fracking gas drilling, yesterday in Pittsburgh. Chants include, "No Fracking Way!" and "It's our water, we will fight!" Video from Nigel Parry.

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