Act 13 challenge is upheld by PA Supreme Court

The Supreme Court ruled 4-2 (since one Justice did not participate in hearing the case).

The Justices concurring in the judgment of the court are Mr. Chief Justice Castille, Mr. Justice Baer, Madame Justice Todd and Mr. Justice McCaffery. Mr. Justice Baer wrote his on 'concurring opinion'; the others joined in the 'opinion and judgment of the court.
Dissenting were Mr. Justice Eakin and Mr. Justice Saylor, each of whom wrote his own 'dissenting opinion'.

The files below are:

  • J-127A-D-2012oajc.pdf: Opinion and Judgment of the Court
  • J-127A-D-2012co.pdf: Concurring Opinion of Mr. Justice Baer
  • J-127A-D-2012do1.pdf: Dissenting Opinion of Mr. Justice Saylor
  • J-127A-D-2012do2.pdf: Dissenting Opinion of Mr. Justice Eakin

More analysis will be posted as 'Comments' to this item, as it arrives.

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