Application for Compressor Station in Frazer Twp. - need you to send comments!


Please submit written comments to the Allegheny Health Dept. - ASAP :

The more comments they receive, the likelier the Dept. will conduct a public hearing.Share this far & wide.

SUPERIOR APPALACHIAN PIPELINE, LLC (0837-I001), Kissick Lane, Frazer Township, PA 15084 for the installation of a natural gas compressor and transmission facility comprising five (5) Caterpillar G3516B natural gas fired engines each driving a compressor, three (3) natural gas heated dehydrator/reboilers and two (2) 300 barrel storage tanks. This facility will be fueled by natural gas only. The potential emissions from this facility are: PM, PM10 and PM2.5 – 3.65 tpy; SO2 – 0.19 tpy; NOx – 35.04 tpy; CO – 12.84 tpy; VOCs – 16.58 tpy and formaldehyde – 7.05 tpy.

Please send in your comments

As of today, 2/24/12 they've only received 30 comments. We have until March 8th to send in comments. We are hoping to trigger a Public Hearing on this permit application.