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Beaver Run Resident Follow-up Meeting

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 6:30pm

Join ProtectPT for a follow up meeting to discuss the findings of the CNX report, DEP records and what next steps can be taken to protect our drinking water.

Please register with ProtectPT to attend this meeting.

In January 2019, CNX experienced a “catastrophic loss in pressure” while fracking the well at their Shaw 1GHSU well on the reservoir, and nine nearby conventional wells spiked at high pressure. To prevent a disaster, these nine shallow wells were flared, some for more than three weeks, and the Shaw 1GHSU well was “killed” by an outside team.

In February, Protect PT with partners Westmoreland Marcellus Citizens Group and Mountain Watershed Association held a public meeting in Delmont to inform the public about the well failure at the Shaw 1GHSU Well on the Beaver Run Reservoir, which is the public water source for 39 municipalities and 130,000 customers in Westmoreland, Armstrong, and Indiana Counties. Since then, Protect PT and their partners have urged residents to take actions to protect the safety of our drinking water source.

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