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Concert: Endorsing the Irish ban on single-use plastic

Sunday, March 17, 2019 - 2:00pm

Jett Downey in Concert, with Mitchell Bjerke and Live Band. The East End Song Studio invites you to be part of a high-energy celebration of wild oceans and the Irish spirit of rebellion. Because the Republic of Ireland will remain part of the EU after Brexit, Ireland has already taken action to ban single use plastics in its government buildings. The banning of single use plastics in Ireland begins a restoration of the Irish coastal waters, restoring their deep whisper of freedom and their loud crashes of beauty.

Come celebrate Irish heritage with a multi-genre Celtic extravaganza on St. Patrick's Day proper (Sunday, March 17th.) Jett Downey and a clan of live musicians will perform folk, rock, punk, and classical music to honor the freedom of the high seas. Live rock band augmented by traditional instruments including bagpipes and Celtic harp. Audience members can participate in sing-a-longs and may even choose to be part of a pre-show Afro-Celtic drumming and ecstatic dance workshop. Come elevate your soul and let your spirit thunder as the waters run free.

Donation $15. Pre-register at

First United Methodist Church of Pittsburgh
5401 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
United States