Do you pay for services not rendered?

No, you say. But, yeah you do.

During the Vietnam War some young men who opposed the war disregarded their draft notices, they were known as Conscientious Objectors. I suggest we become Conscientious Objectors to state taxation. (There is precedent for being a Conscientious objector to military taxation.)

I propose we become Conscientious objectors to state government entities that are NOT doing the work they are sworn to do, and for which we’ve been paying: the PA DEP & both houses of the state legislature.

The cost of operating the PA DEP & both houses of the state legislature is approximately $22 per Pennsylvanian.

We could each deduct $22 from our state taxes & insert a note explaining that the PA DEP & Legislature, for years now, has been derelict in its duty to protect the Commonwealth’s people and its environment.

There is no need to set up an escrow account, because $22 is small enough for anyone of us to pay when & IF the PA DEP & Legislature start doing their jobs

If a few of us are willing to do this we could even make our mailing of our tax bills a press event – inviting the media to join us at a mailbox as we send in our PA tax bills. It would be a quirky way of keeping attention on the atrocity of HB1950 & the DEP’s dereliction of duty. (PA taxes are due on April 17, so we could do our press event the week prior.)

We might even interest allies across the state to do likewise – hopefully garnering coverage all over PA.

If you/your group is interested, email me: gtforouzan (at)