Don't Frack Ohio: Monday, July 29, in Warren (OH)

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Ohio Representatives have shown time and time again that they represent the interest of the Ohio oil & gas industry over communities.

July 29th we are going to take a stand and ask them to join with us in protecting Ohioans from radioactive waste.

The People’s Assembly will take place in Warren, Ohio at Courthouse Square with a bolder action following.

From the "Invitation":

Dear friends,

Last year Ohio citizens held a People’s Assembly and gave public testimony, urging a halt to fracking in Ohio. This summer we are facing the same fight, and we’re stepping up again.

Now we are taking it out of the Statehouse to the communities that are feeling the full impact of the industry. This summer we are calling for a ban on injection wells, joining the national resistance against the fossil fuel industry and standing up for communities.

We are focusing on fracking wastewater injection wells and the infusion of toxic radioactive fracking waste brought in from other states and also being generated in Ohio, with grassroots groups taking an even larger part than last year.

The truth of the matter is, injection wells are not closely regulated and permitted to be only a few hundred feet apart in some cases. These wells are located in communities- – contributing to health concerns and putting thousands at risk. Jamie Federick gave moving testimony to this fact last year.

According to Ecowatch, ‘In 2012, Ohio’s 178 active injection wells accepted 13,846,657 barrels of brine and liquid waste.’ Over a month ago legislation was introduced to ban Class II fracking waste injection wells in Ohio. It would restrict the ability for waste to reenter Ohio’s watershed after treatment, and prohibit the use of liquid waste from fracking for dust and ice management on roads.

We know that legislation is a first step towards protecting our communities. We need action. To support this legislation by demonstrating strong grassroots support, we ask you to join us July 29th for an action in Portage County and surrounding areas. Portage County has the most injection wells and accepts the highest volume of fracking waste in the state.

July 27th-28th, training and programing will lead up to a large family friendly rally, July 29th and a bolder action near an injection well. Let’s join together — it’s time to show the world that none of us should have to live in a dumping ground for toxic, radioactive waste.

Sign up to be there here:

In Solidarity,

Katie McChesney,
Alison Auciello – Food and Water Watch
Gwen Fischer – Concerned Citizens Ohio
Madeline ffitch – Appalachia Resists
John Williams – Frackfree Mahoning
Sam Rubin, Communities for Safe and Sustainable Energy
Vanessa Pesec – NEOGAP, Network for Oil and Gas Accountability and Protection
Inde Scys, Don’t Frack Ohio
Energy Action Coalition
Patrick Kennedy, Ohio Student Environmental Coalition
Frack Free Ohio
Greenpeace USA

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