From the Forest Coalition

Please read this - it is the important !

Pennsylvania has suffered for years because of politicians who support extraction industries over the health of its citizens.

Now, after DEP's proposed CH 78 regulations went through the process of hearings, public input and IRRC approval, members of the House and Senate are intent on scuttling those regulations.

Improved CH 78 regulations which will improve protection of water resources, and protect public health and safety.

· Improved protections of public resources: Operators must provide notice if drilling would be near school property and playgrounds, parks, forests, and other public resources.

· Strengthened water supply restoration standards: If oil and gas development degrades a water supply, the operator must restore or replace the supply with one that meets Safe Drinking Water Act standards or is as good as pre-drilling conditions if the water supply was better than the Drinking Water Act standards.

These changes are the result of tens of thousands of comments from both industry and Pennsylvania residents.
The regulatory package will now be reviewed by the Legislature. We expect that the regulations will NOT be approved by the politicians unless you speak out and tell your legislators to approve them.

Go to and look up the contact information for your Senator & Representative. Tell them that they are representing you and that you are troubled by legislative efforts to pass SB 1011 or any other resolution that would weaken or undermine the new CH 78 regulations.

All legislators have sworn to uphold our State Constitution, including Article 1 Section 27 which guarantees our right to pure air and clean water. Tell your Senator and Representative that they are breaking their oath of office if they fail to support the new CH 78 regulations. The health of our state depends on it.

Please pass this on to your friends. It's that important.

R Martin
Mission: Good Stewardship of our Public Lands