Pay to Play PA: $1,011,542.73 buys a lot of legislative favor

From John Trallo:

FIght back against HB1576 and SB1047, The Endangered Species Re-designation Act, that will systematically remove long-standing protections for endangered plants, animals, fish and fowl in Pennsylvania. Let these legislators know that WE ARE WATCHING - AND WE VOTE and we will vote against any state senator, state representative -- Republican or Democrat -- who votes in support of these two bills.

$1,011,542.73, spent between the PA house and the PA senate buys a lot of "favorable" legislation for the gas industry in "Pay to Play PA", or what I call the list of politicians we need to expose and dump next election cycle.

Any politician who received less than $10k from this industry should be insulted. Then again, how can anyone who says we need to cut funding to education, heath care, and every social and environmental program to balance the budget and strengthen the economy in PA, but still finds a way to give away billions in 'grants' (tax payer money) to the wealthiest corporations in the world, while voting themselves a pay raise every chance they get possibly be insulted?

Here is the list of PA State Senators who co-sponsored Scarnati's SB1047 - the bill to "re-designate" endangered species of plants, animals fish, and fowl in PA. (Otherwise known as the "Let's get these pesky plants and animals off the list and out of the way to fast-track industrial permitting of gas wells, CAFO's, & coal mines, and take another step towards the deregulation of everything" bill, while we dangle high-risk jobs carrot in front of the hungry voters.)

Pyle $48,961.68
Gergely $13,900.00
Brubaker $7,900.00
Kasunic $33,500.00
Waugh $3,750.00
Yudichak $6,025.00
Erickson $5,900.00
Rafferty $5,350.00
D. White $94,150.00
Hutchinson $16,350.00
Fontana $3,100.00
Scarnati $359,145.72 (introduced the bill and happens to be the high man on the cash totem poll. Coincidence?)
Mensch $3,000.00
Gordner $3,800.00
Tartaglione ----
Brewster ----
TOTAL = $522,520.72 in direct gas industry campaign contributions.

Here is the list of PA House supporters on the SB1047 companion, HB1576, the bill to "re-designate" endangered species in PA.
Kaufman $1,950.00
Jay Costa $21,850.00
Bloom $648.00
Helm $1,050.00
Harhai $19,800.00
Rapp $3,650.00
Goodman $500.00
Cutler $900.00
Gibbons $3,350.00
Marshall $2,800.00
Harris $1,920.00
Reed $137,532.33 (the winner in the house)
Pickett $7,050.00
Everett $3,590.00
Keller $2,150.00
Swanger $600.00
Knowles $450.00
Metcalfe $40,850.00
Dunbar $4,400.00
Sonney $550.00
Grove $950.00
Krieger $7,450.00
Reese $1,800.00
Stevenson $13,850.00
Neuman $7,800.00
Sankey ----
Causer $7,500.00
Saccone $4,000.00
Rock ----
Godshall $11,000.00
Tobash $250.00
Murt ----
Brown $4,500.00
Paul Costa $4,150.00
Davis ----
Burns $470.00
Daley $7,150.00
English ----
Tallman $250.00
Baker $11,200.00
Barrar $1,200.00
Christiana $7,250.00
Ellis $35,150.00
Evankovich $5,600.00
Kortz $2,850.00
James ----
Kula $1,475.00
Major $6,800.00
Metzgar $1,000.00
Moul ----
Mustio $9,175.00
Oberlander $3,525.00
Toohil $375.00
Snyder ----
Pashinski $1,775.00
Readshaw $4,350.00
Roae ----
Saylor $11,250.00

TOTAL = $489,022.01 in direct gas industry campaign contributions. That does not include campaign contributions from the coal industry, the factory farm industry, the commercial construction, or any of the ancillary industries that are connected to these industries, or by industry lobbyists and representatives under their own names… that we know of.

*Most people do not realize, that any ’campaign contributions’ that are not spent on their campaign goes directly into the candidates pockets.

Legislators names followed with ---- simply means we have not yet connected them to direct campaign contributions from high-dollar, special interest group. That doesn’t mean they weren’t recipients of any. Some contributions were paid to the PA Republican Party and dished out by them to certain candidates.

Source for contributions, Marcellus Money

Note - the amounts listed via are TOTALS covering a period of 2000 thru April 2012. This is not just money they received as it relates to Scarnati's SB1047 Gas-the-wildlife bill. does have a spreadsheet giving more details that is available for download, it makes it easier to if you are inclined to run a "sort" or "filter" to look at individual years, and/or how much individual corporations are "donating".

The other caveat - the MarcellusMoney data is for corporate donors only. Individual donors, trade groups, or donations via a party/political group are not included. So there is a lot more gas money floating around than lists, and that list is also being compiled and it too, will be made public and widely distributed.

For instance, for the 2010 election, Terry and Kim Pegula donated $281,000 to Corbett. The Pegula's use to own Eastern Resources (a gas corp) which they sold to Royal Dutch Shell in the summer of 2010 for over $4-billion dollars. Terry Pegula sat on Corbett's Energy Transition team.

In 2012, Kim Pegula donated another $100,000 to Corbett, presumably for the 2014 campaign.

Ronald Krancer, father of Michael Krancer the now former DEP secretary, donated $250,000 to Corbett in 2010, and an additional $25,000 to PA-GOP party within a week of Michael Krancer being confirmed as DEP Secretary back in 2011.

We're not just looking at the amount of donations and finding them "tiny" for a particular Senator, or Representative, and saying "it doesn't look that awful". We're also looking at donations from related sectors to gas drilling, such as the steel industry which makes the pipes, transport industry which provides trucking, construction companies, etc.

Plus, look at the Senator/Representative's position on gas. If they are already an enthusiastic supporter of gas corps, why would a corp give them money? Also, if a particular senator or representative faced little or no opposition to their re-election, not that much money is needed for their campaign. Corps are going to be directing their money to sway a senator/representative's position to their favor, and corps are going to be directing their money to campaigns which face strong opposition.

At the end of the day, the people are not as dumb, or as gullible as many politicians think/hope we are, and it's people like myself who are going to go out of their way to educate, inform, and counteract the corporate PR campaigns and the misleading political rhetoric.

What is so ironic is that this administration and the gas industry have no one but themselves to blame for underestimating the intelligence and common sense of PA voters and as a result, energizing us to get educated, do our own homework, and get involved.

The arrogance, hubris, and blatant obtuseness of the pro-industry/deregulation politicians are what created the growing opposition of concerned and informed citizens in PA, and we're not going away.