Tell Congress to Vote NO on the Fast Track Bill

To help you write to congress on voting NO on Fast Track

Dear Honorable Member of Congress:

I write to urge you to vote “No” to Fast Track Authority or Trade Promotion Authority for the President.
The Constitution empowers you to ensure that any deals struck with foreign nations are beneficial to our communities, our environment, our economy, our nation. To exercise that authority you need to retain it – signing it away to the President, especially for the purposes of greasing the wheels for the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is an abdication of your responsibilities as a legislator.

The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement has been negotiated in secret, most of its provisions having nothing to do with regulating trade but instead focus on limiting environmental, food safety, health and other community protections. The TPP will need your full consideration, not a quick vote simply to get it off your plate. Please preserve your authority to give the TPP your careful and thoughtful review.