A terrorist by any other name is still a terrorist

Just over this past week there have been stories about Catalyst Energy poisoning water in Forest County, Rex Energy in Butler County and Chevron-Appalachia poisoned the soil on a Washington County farm.

These gas drillers are home grown terrorists, they’re destroying the elements most critical to human survival in PA: our soil & water supplies. If these fracking corporations’ leaders were named Mohamed – rather than Jim, John or Tom - the US gov't. would already have troops on the ground in PA.

Catalyst Energy [CEO Jim Turley] Forest County – poisoned residents’ drinking water.

Chevron-Appalachia [CEO John Watson] Washington County – poisoned the soil on Robin Hill Farm.

Rex Energy Corp [CEO Tom Stabley] Butler County - poisoned residents’ drinking water.

Terrorism against our homeland!

.... And don't forget that some of the drillers in Pa have red-communist China investors!

I'm old enough to remember how us taxpayers were swindled into building the worlds best nuclear arsenal to protect us from the red-commies in China!

Now the drillers in Pa are in bed with them. Helping them deplete our gas reserves so red-commie companies can make cheap goods to sell at our Walmarts!

They are using our gas to take jobs from Americans! And the Republicans are happy they can help!