Fracking our Allegheny County Parks ?

Did you know that Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald wants to lease OUR County Parks for toxic fracking?
Residents of Allegheny County, we need you to speak out, get involved, and Protect our Parks!

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Toxic frack waste in South Park

There's already a lot of fracking nonsense going on in our parks that we're just finding out about.

Via citizen investigator Helen:

Marcellus Shale fracking waste has been disposed at the South Hills Waste Management Landfill in South Park in 2012, according to its own reports. Since then, there has been an increase in trucks with radioactive (TENORM) waste. I’m troubled by this increase and by radiation, carcinogens and pollutants in drilling waste. I learned this while wondering if it was safe to blast at the landfill for seismic testing.

The landfill currently meets Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regulations and DEP has granted it a conditional permit to accept this TENORM waste. However, I am concerned to learn if the amounts have increased in the first 6 months of this year. Houston, Texas-based Waste Management is the largest waste disposal company in the country with a public plan to accept fracking waste at its landfills. Waste Management owns ours.

I have asked for various reports for this year so that I can see the trends. My questions concern the monitoring of radiation, air, organic and inorganic compounds and flaring that vents gases. I can imagine that my letter is being reviewed by its legal department.

Other PA landfills have received increased amounts of fracking waste due to drilling for gas in our region. I'm troubled to learn that radiation may be the least regulated of what goes on in landfills. Because fracking is so politically charged in our state, regulations may be slow to change. Because the disposal of this type of waste is a relatively new phenomenon in landfills, many are speculating about its impact on our health and environment. Much is still to be questioned and discovered.

While I don't believe my health is in immediate danger living below it on Triphammer, I'm concerned about possible increasing trends. When working outside, I had a few episodes of not being able to catch my breath. I'm also concerned that the community at-large may not know about the disposal of radioactive waste.

I will keep you posted, as facts become known and verified. Please let me know: if you would like a copy of the questions sent, or if you are interested in helping to study the landfill and learn about its best practices.