Save the Frack Waste Whistle Blower - Niagara Falls

November 21, 2012 - 4:00pm
WNY Drilling Defense
Michael C. O'Laughlin Municipal Water Plant
5815 Buffalo Ave.
Niagara Falls, NY
United States

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Last year we found out that the Niagara Falls Water Board was conducting testing on fracking waste from PA in consideration of accepting this toxic stuff in beautiful Niagara Falls. Fracking waste is highly dangerous and can contain toxins, carcinogens, radioactivity, and heavy metals, so the Niagara Falls City Council did the right thing and passed an ordinance banning fracking and waste treatment in the city early this year. However, in August, leaked photos showed the fracking waste used for initial test
ing was still in Niagara Falls and not sent back to PA like Executive Director Paul Drof publicly stated. He violated the law put in place to protect the workers and residents. Now, he's convinced the Niagara Falls Water Board to launch an investigation in to who took the photos that showed the law being broken! Will you join us in telling the Niagara Falls Water Board to call off the manhunt?

Executive Director Paul Drof created an unconscionable plan to hunt down the whistle blower who exposed the presence of illegal – and highly toxic – fracking wastewater on the premise of a Niagara Falls water treatment plant. He told the Niagara Falls Water Board that the investigation was needed due to a possible break-in and security issues. But the real reason has come out: Drof doesn’t care about the health and safety of Western New Yorkers, or even upholding the law. He’s only worried about keeping his own job! Come tell the Niagara Falls Water Board that the public will not stand for this!

The Niagara Falls Water Board will be voting on a resolution to decide whether or not to call off the investigation to find the whistle blower. We need your help to ensure that the resolution passes and that the hero who reported the law being broken is not punished! We will begin with a press conference before the vote on Wednesday, November 21st at 4:00PM at the Michael C. O'Laughlin Municipal Water Plant in Niagara Falls. We need concerned community members to help us pack the room for the vote. We also encourage people to prepare a 5 minute or shorter speech to urge the board to vote in favor of the resolution. Anyone can sign up to speak at the start of the meeting, Niagara Falls residency not required. Will you join us for this critical vote?