"Where to Invade Next" Movie Party

June 2, 2016 - 6:00pm
MoveOn.org Civic Action
The Open House PGH , PA Pittsburgh, PA 15206
United States

Attend a "Where to Invade Next" Movie Party
Michael Moore's newest documentary, "Where to Invade Next," shows how commonsense policies like universal health care, paid family leave, and free higher education can actually work in the United States. And the timing couldn’t be better: The Democratic presidential primary has, thanks to the millions of people who have gotten involved in politics, showcased the debates we can and must be having to make progress.

But with Donald Trump and his brand of racism, sexism, and hate securing the Republican nomination, we’re at risk of having that hopeful change hijacked. The best way to stand up to Trump’s divisiveness is by joining together around a hopeful vision for our country—and “Where to Invade Next” helps us do just that.

Will you join fellow MoveOn members on June 2nd and attend a "Where to Invade Next" movie party?

The Open House PGH
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
6:00 PM
Description: Come watch and discuss Micheal Moore's newest film "Where To Invade Next"
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