First responders & Local Emergency Mgmt Mtg

February 15, 2017 - 1:00pm
Protect PT
911 Public Safety
911 Public Safety Road
Greensburg, PA 15601
United States

We're letting you know that we will be representing Protect PT at the next Local Emergency Management Committee meeting to be held at
1 p.m. Feb. 15, 2017 at 911 Public Safety Road, Greensburg, PA 15601.

Anyone able to attend, please join us.

We know Westmoreland Marcellus Citizen's Group is working on the HAZMAT issue, and the fact that 911 is saying it is up to local first responders to call HAZMAT to do air quality testing, and that it isn't being done.


At the zoning hearing board on Jan. 21 and 25 in Penn Township, we learned Apex Energy will bring in Wild Well Control, a professional emergency response company from Canonsburg, in the event of a fire, explosion, significant spill, etc.

If they drive, it will be an hour or more before they get to the site.

Apex said they had one training session with Penn Township's first responders that they didn't keep a record of. We verified there has been no training for first responders in Salem Township (Forbes Road and Slickville) where Apex is preparing to drill the Fatur site.

At the meeting, Apex's general counsel Chris Hess downplayed the importance of training or having records of it for local responders because they would be only doing perimeter control and support.

YET, it was a local responder first at the scene for the mercaptan spill on December 1. At the hearing, Hess couldn't remember what department showed up and reported the spill to Apex.

Apex was cited for (and is appealing) not having a site-specific Preparedness, Prevention and Contingency Plan indicating mercaptan was on the site.

The unknown first responder didn't have any documentation about what he was dealing with.

Just wanted to make everyone aware of what we have learned about the laissez faire attitude toward emergencies and first responders in our area so we can act accordingly.

Gillian Graber
President / Protect PT
Twitter: @ProtectPT
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