CRC National Call: The Oil and Gas Industry, Part I

April 5, 2017 - 3:00pm
Climate Reality Check
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United States

The Oil and Gas Industry: An Overview of Their Current Reality and Our Resistance to It, Part 1

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The oil and gas industry is ubiquitous, and they have a lot of power. But the industry is also struggling because market and geological realities have kept oil and gas prices low for almost three years, as well as because of the growing popular resistance to them. And credible experts are telling us that there’s not as much shale gas as both industry and government want us to believe. Both shale gas and oil prices are so low that they don’t cover production costs.

In April, on natural gas, and in May, on oil, we will be holding calls to help people understand these realities more fully.

Our presenters on April’s call will be Nancy LaPlaca and Maya van Rossum. Nancy is Senior Energy Analyst at NC WARN. She has been involved with electric, gas and water utility issues for a decade. Maya has served as the Delaware Riverkeeper and leader for the Delaware Riverkeeper Network since 1994, and she has been a regional and national leader in the fight against fracking and fracking infrastructure since the beginning of this decade. She is currently helping to lead the campaign opposing Trump’s nominations of three climate deniers to leadership positions at FERC.

Nancy will discuss the basics of oil, shale gas and electricity, while Maya will tell us about the many gas infrastructure fights around the country and the increasingly coordinated movement fighting them.

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