March and Rally in Butler

April 29, 2017 (All day)
Michael Bagdes-Canning
Congressman Mike Kelly's house
Pearl Street
Butler, PA
United States

Michael Bagdes-Canning is leading a group of grassroots volunteers planning a March and Rally in Butler. This is his appeal for climate action activists, groups, and concerned individuals to join in.

"On April 29th, a broad coalition of people, from a broad spectrum of organizations, will gather in front of Congressman Mike Kelly's house on Pearl Street in Butler and march to Diamond Park (where Mike Kelly has his office, as does state senator Scott Hutchinson) where we will hold a rally demanding (among other things):

If we are going to fill the streets of Butler, we're going to need to get moving on this. We need to have a face to face (or maybe several if we can't all get together at one time) to put some "meat on the bones" of our skeletal plans:

Directly and rapidly reduce greenhouse gas and toxic pollution to successfully combat climate change and improve public health

Mandate a transition to an equitable and sustainable New Energy and Economic Future that limits the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels

Provide a Just Transition for communities and workers negatively impacted by the shift to a New Energy and Economic Future that includes targeted economic opportunity and provides stable income, health care, and education

Demand that every job pays a wage of at least $15 an hour, protects workers, and provides a good standard of living, pathways out of poverty, and a right to organize

Ensure that investments are targeted to create pathways for low-income people and people of color to access good jobs and improve the lives of communities of color, indigenous peoples, low-income people, small farmers, women, and workers
Make bold investments in the resilience of states, cities, tribes, and communities that are threatened by climate change; including massive investments in infrastructure systems from water, transportation, and solid waste to the electrical grid and safe, green building and increasing energy efficiency that will also create millions of jobs in the public and private sector

Reinvest in a domestic industrial base that drives towards an equitable and sustainable New Energy and Economic Future, and fight back against the corporate trade-induced global race to the bottom

Market- and policy-based mechanisms must protect human rights and critical, native ecosystems and reduce pollution at source"
We have already had commitments from a number of groups / organizations / individuals / political organizations / and individuals to participate.

In the very near future (within one week) we should start this ball rolling with more immediacy. We have time but we've also must move with urgency.

Please let me know (via email or phone - 724-431-8560) that you would like to be involved in this effort. Please forward this to anyone in the REGION that you think would be interested in participating. Can we make an effort to SPECIFICALLY reach out to folks we don't normally reach out to? I'm also willing to travel if you have a group that might want to hear about this. I am also working with two amazing young mothers who can be called on as well.

As many of you know, I am not connected to either of the two major parties. As many of you may also know, the April 29th Peoples Climate March was conceived when the presumptive President was Ms. Clinton. The issues we are marching around go way beyond party affiliation. That being said, we are at a critical crossroads. People and planet are in peril. There is a restiveness and palpable passion in the air.

Please get back to me. If you have questions, write or call.

I am anxious to work with you and look forward to marching with you on April 29th.

In Solidarilty,

Michael Bagdes-Canning