Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Search came back with something interesting. But, when I click on its Title (in the list of Search Results), I don't see the document -- there's only more words about that document.
A: Our "Resource" pages are actually more of a card catalog. Somewhere in the Resource Description, you should see a different font (depending on your browser) that indicates a link. Clicking on that link should take you to the document, which may well be on some website other than

Q: I don't agree with the way some material is described. Can I get it changed?
A: First, you're welcome to enter a Comment (if you are logged-in) with your version of the facts. If you find something that really *must* be fixed, please Contact Us.

Q: Why is there *so much* wrong and incomplete information? Why don't we have more consistency? People seem to be throwing garbage into this collection of Resources.
A: It's not easy for a large group of people to be so regimented, and we'd rather have more participation (and more Resources) than a pristine, empty site. Feel free to post Comments, or to Contact Us.

Q: Who can 'Create a Resource' entry? Who can Edit it? What about removing duplicates?
A: For now, any "Registered" user (anyone who actually logs-in) can Search the Resources, or post a Comment. Anonymous users (or anyone who isn't logged-in) cannot use the Search at all (yet). A handful of experienced users (the "Editors") can Add, Edit or Delete. If you need help to do one of those -- or would like to become an Editor -- please Contact Us.

Q: I just posted a new Resource. But, when I Search for it, it isn't there. What's wrong??
A: You'll need to wait 24 hours. Our site is "indexed" overnight, and it's this index which is actually being Searched. (If you don't find your new Resource listed by tomorrow, please Contact Us.)

Q: What's the story with 'Publication Date' on Resources? Why have it at all, when it's so often empty?
A: Here's a long answer:
(1) Even an imperfect idea of Publication Date can be useful, since things move so fast in our struggle.
(2) When Searching, you'll see whatever information was entered by the person posting. (And, if your login includes Permission to Edit Resources, you may be able to improve on our knowledge.) Still, many dates are missing because we don't remember or because the original material wasn't dated.
(3) If you're Creating a Resource entry, please enter whatever you know about the date - even your best guess. Since the computer logic requires Month, Day and Year, please use the last-day-of-the-month if you only know a month.
(4) It's best to use the little pop-up calendar, to avoid pickiness about formatting the date.
(5) If you want to leave a 'disclaimer' about your date information, you can add it under "Source Details".

Q: What about searching for other content, like calendar events, blog postings, etc.?
A: The Search page lets you choose one Type of Content (Event, Blog, Resource, etc.) or to specify "Any".

Q: May I suggest a better way to do this?
A: By all means, Contact Us. Thanks.