Fatal Fracking Frenzy

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Overview or opinion paper
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Analysis of proposed fracking at Edgar Thomson, by Patricia DeMarco, PhD

Companies like the Edgar Thomson Works of U. S. Steel see fracking as a way to secure a dedicated gas supply in the face of likely price increases and restrictions. A community such as Braddock, left devastated by the loss of industries, looks hopefully to this new avenue for employment and economic development. But, the hidden costs loom unrecognized, lurking to bring on lower birth weights in babies, higher incidents of asthma, water contamination, and increased pollution from diesel trucks and spills. Without strict controls and oversight, the short- term promise of jobs, both those preserved in the existing Edgar Thomson operations and those emergent in the new fracking industry, comes at the price of a community locked into a sacrifice zone.

Publication Date: 
January 4, 2018
Aggressively pro-community
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