Civil Disobedience Against Fracking from PA to OH

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In Youngstown, OH, a small, nonviolent group blocked an access gate to an injection well owned by V & M Star, preventing toxic wastewater from being injected into the well.There's more…

Marcellus Protest 2011: Power To The People, Not The Corporations

6 years 22 weeks ago

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The rally is a two-part event. The first rally will be held on the steps of Old Main from noon until 1:00pm. This rally will celebrate (hopefully) the passing of a voter referendum on November 8th in State College that affirms that community’s environmental rights and bans any future natural gas drilling in State College, including parts of Penn State’s main campus.There's more…



6 years 27 weeks ago

october outrageJoin Marcellus Outreach Butler (MOB) to protest fracking by Exxon-Mobil at dairy farm in Butler County, PA. Dubbed "OCTOBER OUTRAGE," the protest will begin at 11:00 AM near the drilling rig that is within sight of dairy facilities. Gather in Evans City Community Park & Pool park at 10:30am.There's more…

Gov. Corbett's Marcellus Plans are a Mugging

tom corbettGov. Tom Corporate's new plans to regulate fracking in PA constitute nothing more than further efforts to beautify a pig (apologies to the porcine inhabitants of PA).There's more…

Corbett Announces Marcellus Plan

PA Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission

Today PA Governor Corbett announced his grand plans for Marcellus Shale. Please share your thoughts by posting a comment below. Also read Marcellus Protest members' reactions here and here.There's more…

Shale Gas Outrage - at Corbett's Office

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September 7, Philadelphia, PA - Several hundred people gathered at the conclusion of the Shale Gas Outrage march in front of a building that houses the PA Governor's offices. Some entered the building to attempt to deliver petitions and letters to the Governor.

Read a comprehensive report about Shale Gas Outrage.

Shale Gas Outrage Kicks GA$$!

* March blurb from David

Nearly three dozen members and allies of Marcellus Protest traveled across the state.There's more…


Fighting for Justice in the Shalefields: What You Can Do! (Building Change Convergence, PA)

6 years 31 weeks ago

The natural gas industry is expanding operations in western Pennsylvania, exploiting communities and ecosystems across the region in the rush to develop the Marcellus shale.There's more…

Fracking: Ban or Regulate? (Building Change Convergence, PA)

6 years 26 weeks ago

This discussion-based workshop will explore the historical and philosophical roots for the tension in the environmental justice movement between those who seek an outright ban of fracking and those who seek better environmental protections. We will discuss how the philosophical differences can pose challenges for grassroots organizing around fracking in SWPA.There's more…

Activists protest Philly gas drilling conference

Shale Gas Outrage rallyPHILADELPHIA (AP) — Several hundred environmental activists and homeowners packed the sidewalks outside a natural gas industry conference Wednesday and called for a moratorium on drilling, which they said was contaminating water, harming animals and creating a public health hazard.There's more…

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