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Marcellus Infrastructure Finance & Development Summit 2011

6 years 29 weeks ago

Join Top Leaders in Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Government and Financial Communities to Maximize Opportunities Arising from the Second Largest Natural Gas Field in the World!There's more…

  • Status & outlook for the evolution of Marcellus E&P activity and planned infrastructure projects

Sept. 7-8 Philadelphia Protest & Conference

On Sept. 7 there will be a shale gas protest in Philadelphia – to be followed on Sept. 8 by a grassroots conference.There's more…

Northeast Energy sues Morgantown over Fracking Ban

Northeast Energy logoAttorneys for a West Virginia Corporation [Northeast Energy] threaten to sue the City of Morgantown West Virginia for violating the Civil Rights of the corporation if the There's more…

Shadbush Collective Releases Report on Gas Industry Shareholders

imageThe Shadbush Collective has just released an excellent report about investment in the Marcellus Shale gas boom.There's more…

Gas Drilling Companies Hold Data Needed by Researchers to Assess Risk to Water Quality

propublica logoFor years the natural gas drilling industry has decried the lack of data that could prove—or disprove—that drilling can cause drinking water contamination. Now it turns out that some of that data does exist.There's more…

Protest the Gas Shale Play "Tubulars" Conference

6 years 48 weeks ago

Join Marcellus Protest for a demonstration at the Shale Play Tubulars Conference that is taking place at the William Penn Omni Hotel. RSVP via Facebook.There's more…

Marcellus Protest Pickets Gas Summit

Picket at Marcellus Shale Gas Summit

On Tuesday March 29, 2011 the leaders of the gas industry gathered in Pittsburgh for an "environmental" summit on Marcellus Shale gas drilling. About 60 people picketed outside the Pittsburgh Renaissance Hotel where the conference was taking place.There's more…

An Open Letter To Journalists From Gasland Director Josh Fox In Response To Attacks By Gas Industry

gasland poster imageFebruary 7, 2011 -- With the recent Oscar nomination of my documentary film GASLAND, Big Gas and their PR attack machine hit a new low in its blatant disregard for the truth.There's more…

Marcellus Shale Gas Environmental Summit/IQPC

7 years 4 weeks ago
7 years 3 weeks ago
7 years 3 weeks ago

The Marcellus Shale Gas Environmental Summit will bring together upstream and midstream operators to discuss the environmental, regulatory and public relations challenges of shale gas production.There's more…

Justin Sane: Don't Frack with Pittsburgh

See video

Justin Sane from Anti-Flag invites people to join him at the November 3rd Marcellus Protest in Pittsburgh, PA. The march starts at noon; Justin will perform around 2pm in front of the David Lawrence Convention Center.

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