Water Testing Resources

Marcellus Protest receives many inquiries from people as to which labs will test their water for the presence of frack chemicals. Here (below) is a list of possible choices, including labs who have asked us to mention them here.
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Protecting Pennsylvania Communities, a Handbook

Check our latest Resources page for this comprehensive document.There's more…

Canadian roustabout blasts shale gas

This YouTube video is a first-person interview with a former "roustabout" who left his job to devote full time to stopping hydrofracking for shale gas.

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Hydrofracking & Aquifer Pollution via Faults

NorthrupJames (Chip) Northrup, former gas/oil industry planning manager, discusses some of the major problems of using high-volume slick-water horizontal hydraulic fracturing.
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Marcellus Shale Reality Tour Part 2 - Dimock Day Trip

A video by Scott Cannon.dimock On January 10, 2012, I drove to Dimock Pennsylvania to find out what's going on with the DEP and the EPA's investigation on the water well contamination alleged by Cabot Oil & Gas.

"... an Uncontrolled Health Experiment on an Enormous Scale"

A recent scientific paper describes shale gas drilling as "... an uncontrolled health experiment on an enormous scale." There's more…

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Fracking Moratorium Urged as Doctors Call for Health Study

Bloomberg reported on a January 9 press conference at which physicians called for a moratorium on fracking. Here is more information from that meeting.There's more…

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An "Ironic" Look at Industry PR

The "Ironic News Report" sent us this link to their recent coverage of PR from the drilling industry. Watch it when you need a break from your struggles.screen_shotThere's more…

Shalefields Grassroots Reporter Publication

shalefields reporter broadsheet page 1Check out this terrific 8-page paper produced by the Shadbush Collective and the Pittsburgh Independent Media Center with the support of Marcellus Protest.There's more…

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