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Life Inside Gasland

I live here inside of 19 natural gas wells, and the changes that are happening needed to be told. The lies, the truth and deceptions. Good, bad and ugly of it all. I wanted others to know what they are in store for if the gas and oil companies come to their area. Maybe I can do some good and help them so they don't live the lies I am living.There's more…

What The Frack? Ireland

Highlighting the Irish shale gas extraction project

TX Sharon Bluedaze Drilling Reform

"Texas Sharon" is a landowner and a mineral owner on top of the Barnett Shale. She has been organizing to protecting her community for several years. Her blog numbers among the best "in the 'biz."

Get The Frack Out

Blog, news, and forum about hydraulic fracturing taking place in Colorado and Wyoming

Pennsylvania Environmental Solutions Conservation, Alternative Energy, Sustainability

Grassroots Community based solutions for environmental and energy conservation, watershed management, alternative and renewable energy, biomass, geothermal, wind, solar, stormwater management, land-based wastewater disposal, LEED-AP, Green Associate, continuing education training for professionals and water reuse.There's more…

Stop Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Petition

Please sign the petition to stop the marcellus shale natural gas drilling

What the Frack? [blog]

A blog documenting the 'What the Frack' performance piece by Brittany Stanley, Julie Mallis, and Tara Helfer

Calvin Tillman, Mayor of DISH, TX

The story of DISH, TX and Its Fight to Protect Itself. This site shows the extreme negative effects that the natural gas pipeline industry has had on the small town of DISH, TX. We have three metering stations, 11 compressor stations, and over 20 pipeline, in less that 2 square miles. We are hard working honest people who have been dealt a raw hand by the pipeline industry. New Site Tracks Natural Gas Donations to PA Officials

thumbnailIn order to prevent the Pennsylvania legislature from creating reasonable taxation measures and necessary safety rules, the drilling industry has made more than $3 million in political contributions to Pennsylvania lawmakers since 2001. It has spent an additional $5 million on lobbying in Harrisburg in just the last three years.There's more…

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