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"Center for Sustainable Shale" is industry greenwashing, grassroots tells Environmental Defense Fund

The so-called "Center for Sustainable Shale Development" is attracting more criticism from grassroots environmental groups. [See our April newsletter.] On May 22, a joint letter was issued from 68 grassroots advocacy organizations to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), accusing EDF of contributing to the 'greenwashing' of toxic fracking.
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Fracking Ourselves to Death in Pennsylvania

"Pennsylvania farming communities are being turned into huge, open-air laboratories by energy companies eager to make North America a twenty-first-century Saudi Arabia, with ordinary people serving as its guinea pigs. And those people are paying a heavy price: mystery illnesses, dead animals, polluted water, land made worthless, and the loss of a way of life. In the midst of this new hell, however, there’s also hope.
[from Nick Turse's introduction to Ellen Cantarow's report]

Click this link for the original story, with many links to related information. (We reprint the story here to facilitate searching.)
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Many Stressors Associated With Fracking Due to Perceived Lack of Transparency and Trust, Pitt Finds

From an April 29, 2013, Press Release from the University of Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania residents living near unconventional natural gas developments using hydraulic fracturing attribute several dozen health concerns and stressors to the Marcellus Shale developments in their area, according to a long-term analysis by University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health researchers. Reported health impacts persist and increase over time, even after the initial drilling activity subsides, they noted.

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New Brunswick: Citizens defy gas exploration, hint at widespread civil disobedience

Here is a Press Release issued by members of the "Council of Canadians"
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Get Ready for Higher Prices and Less Energy Security

Get Ready for Higher Prices and Less Energy Security: Our Natural Gas Reserves Are Being Plundered For Export

Click this link to read the original article.

A deeply flawed study that ignores the harmful environmental and health impacts of gas drilling is being used to rally for exports.
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Candidate for Governor, Hanger takes a position on fracking

As Secretary of Pennsylvania's Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP), John Hanger may not have been everything that we'd hope for. But as a candidate for Governor, he at least has staked out a position on fracking, and called out Gov. Tom Corbett on his pandering to the industry. Here's his April 25 press release...
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Pennsylvanians Take It to the DEP

All across the state, Pennsylvanians observed Earth Day by confronting Gov. Corbett's "Department of Environmental Protection" (DEP). What's more, the mainstream media paid attention!

In Pittsburgh, the Post-Gazette and WTAE-TV covered the protest at DEP's office on Washington's Landing, organized by the Shadbush Environmental Justice Collective.
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[Allegheny County] Council staffer listed concerns in gas deal

From the Pgh. Post-Gazette:
Allegheny County Council approved a $500 million drilling deal despite concerns raised by a senior staff member that weren't shared before the vote.

Three of council's 15 members, including the president, received a memo over the weekend from director of legislative services Jared Barker that posed serious questions about the contract with Consol Energy to drill for natural gas at Pittsburgh International Airport.

In a version of the memo forwarded among council members the day after the vote, Mr. Barker listed 27 questions he'd want answered before giving further advice. Among other concerns, he questioned the length of the lease, who would control the contract and how the land would be taxed.

None of those questions had been addressed publicly, he wrote.
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Over 200,000 comments to DOE on LNG exports

Thanks for your efforts in contacting the DOE about exporting natural gas. The Sierra Club reports that over 200,000 comments were made. Here are some of the highlights from the Sierra Club story:
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New Auditor General will begin with Pa DEP

On his first day in office, [Pennsylvania] Auditor General Eugene DePasquale notified the head of the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) that a performance audit of water programs related to the development of the state’s shale gas reserves would begin next week.
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