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Flares of fracking are visible from space

From NASA, via NPR:

This is odd. Take a look at this map of America at night. As you'd expect, the cities are ablaze, the Great Lakes and the oceans dark, but if you look at the center, where the Eastern lights give way to the empty Western plains, there's a mysterious clump of light there that makes me wonder.
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Money, politics and pollution in fracking country (Philadelphia Inquirer)

"Kevin Sunday, DEP spokesman, said that the governor's office never contacted either the company or the agency about the issues at Sunbury. He added that even with the ruling that Moran didn't need a permit, the company must still obey all Pennsylvania pollution laws - and DEP is enforcing those and will continue to do so."
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What's WRONG with 'Promised Land'?

In our newsletter, we looked at "What's true in this film's story?" For a different look -- at what's wrong with the movie (as well as what's right) -- read this review from Alex Lotorto.
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Study declaring fracking 'safe' is withdrawn

Fracking decisions loom as study declaring it safe is withdrawn

From the story at the (Oklahoma City) Journal Record:

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Fracking's impact on hospital costs

Gas field workers cited in Pa. hospital's losses
From '' (a Gannett newspaper company, serving Binghamton, NY)

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Cincinnati passes unanimous local control resolution

City Council unanimously passes resolution calling for local control of fracking
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Bayou Frack-Out: The Massive Oil and Gas Disaster You've Never Heard Of

Reported in TruthOut (Dec. 6, 2012): Industry and state regulators ignored warning signs, then deflected blame when a salt cavern in Assumption Parish, Louisiana, collapsed into an 8-acre sinkhole.
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Faculty denounce training program for fracking workers

The faculty of the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) passed a resolution declaring its "... unequivocal opposition to the College’s initiative to prepare students for work in the Marcellus shale gas industry."
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Fracking Our Food Supply

from The Nation, appearing in the December 17, 2012, edition.
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Longmont (CO) passes fracking ban

From the New York Times:

LONGMONT, Colo. — This old farming town near the base of the Rocky Mountains has long been considered a conservative next-door neighbor to the ultraliberal college town of Boulder.... But this month, Longmont became the first town in Colorado to outlaw hydraulic fracturing.
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