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Criminal Investigation of Flaring at Chevron Refinery

In a September 22 story, the San Francisco Chronicle reports, "Federal authorities have opened a criminal investigation of Chevron...."
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Rep. Jesse White: Why Aren't There More Marcellus Shale Jobs for PA Workers?

This is a full-text copy of Rep. White's August 15, 2012, column in the The Canon-McMillan Patch.
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Schlumberger Shutdown (Horseheads, NY)

At about 11:00 AM [August 11, 2012], over one hundred and fifty people arrived at the gates of the Schlumberger industrial facility in Horseheads, NY. Organized by the Shaleshock Direct Action Working Group, Saturday’s action had a goal to shut down the Horseheads facility.
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Driller to NY: Stop the local bans or we'll sue

A story in the (Scranton) "Times-Tribune" describes the threat by Lenape Resources to bring suit over local drilling bans.
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US Chamber of Commerce launches pro-gas campaign with inaccurate jobs numbers


Full page ads in your local newspaper are not enough.
Prime time television commercials are not enough.
More than $23 million in campaign contributions and lobbying expenses are not enough.
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Fracking Insurance: Winners and Losers

By Dave Colavito, Huffington Post

Reaction to the AP story was predictable.

The leaked internal memo, indicating that Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. had determined risks from the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing were too great to provide coverage for, was interpreted by some as vindication of their concerns and by others as ill-informed betrayal.
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France sticks to ‘fracking' ban

FRANCE has no intention of lifting its ban on shale gas exploration because of continued concerns over its environmental impact, Environment and Energy Minister Delphine Batho said Friday [July 20, 2012].
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Link Between Low Birth Weight and Fracking, Says New Research

NEW YORK—New research suggests the health of newborn babies is adversely affected in areas close to sites undertaking natural gas extraction by way of hydraulic fracturing.
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ROADBLOCK! (Direct action in Brooklyn, PA)

(Brooklyn PA) On Tuesday, July 17, 2012, near the illegal and unpermitted construction of the beginning of the Constitution Pipeline, a group of people spontaneously blocked a road for 30 minutes after a 45 ton crane on a 9 ton trailer went up a gravel road where they were gathering.
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Fracking Lawsuits Pile Up in Pennsylvania

Gas Industry Still In Denial

Shale gas extraction isn’t simply dangerous, it’s toxic. Uninsurable. And it’s not just Nationwide who denies rig operators commercial coverage. Fraccidents and industrial workplace accidents related to fracking have spiked.
[From Keep Tap Water Safe, July 14, 2012.]
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