Frontlines: Natural Gas and Our Water

8 weeks 7 hours ago

Learn what to expect and how you can protect your water and community. Our speakers are Dr. John Stolz, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Biology at Duquesne University and an expert on water contamination from gas drilling, and Rosemary Stewart, a resident of Bell Acres and an active member of several environmental community groups.
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Starting Off the New Year Right – Drinking Water Water Resources Sustainability

Happy New Year, I would like to propose we make one additional commitment this year.  This commitment is to care about the water we drink as we try to remember how we impact or influence the quality and quantity of the water resources.  Although it is the beginning of a new year (wishing you GOOD Luck in 2017!), for the water cycle the new year started in October.  This is the time of the year wheThere's more…

ALEC and the Oil & Gas Industry v. Source Water Protection & Home Rule in Ohio - with Dr. Julie Weatherington-Rice

3 years 3 weeks ago

Dr. Weatherington-Rice at Youngstown State University Mar 25 WED 7pm "ALEC & Oil & Gas Industry v. Source Water Protection & Home Rule in Ohio: How we got to where we are and what we can do about it," by Dr.There's more…

Giving Away the Shenango River for the Frack of It

As, 5 more wells were permitted Tuesday 7-2-2013 on the Kinkella Well Pad in Pulaski Township, Lawrence County PA, this is the statement from Hilcorp...........There's more…

The people in Washington and Butler counties

I attended the Health Conference at the Science Center this past Saturday. There were doctors and nurses from Philly, NY and one doctor from Cannonsburg PA. Not one from the city of Pittsburgh. There were also many people such as Carol Jean (in the video) who were there to tell their stories. There's more…

Is Our Drinking Water Safe?

5 years 21 weeks ago

A Public Forum: Impacts on Drinking Water from Shale Gas
Extraction at Beaver Run Reservoir & Other Water Sources
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Save Our Beer! at Keegan Ales

5 years 42 weeks ago

Celebrate award-winning water and beer!

Learn about industrial gas drilling called “fracking,” rock out with Mark Black, Sean Rowe, and Matt Turk, and sample some of Keegan’s great beers!There's more…

Save Our Beer!

Save Our Beer! at Brown's Brewing Co.

5 years 47 weeks ago

Join Environmental Advocates of New York, the New York Water Rangers, and Riverkeeper at Brown’s Brewing Co. to celebrate the Empire State’s award-winning water and beer!There's more…

Save Our Beer!

Radioactive? Who do YOU believe?

poison: poison waterAfter the New York Times published a series of articles last week about radioactive Marcellus wastewater reaching Pennsylvania drinkinThere's more…

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