Starting Off the New Year Right – Drinking Water Water Resources Sustainability

Happy New Year, I would like to propose we make one additional commitment this year.  This commitment is to care about the water we drink as we try to remember how we impact or influence the quality and quantity of the water resources.  Although it is the beginning of a new year (wishing you GOOD Luck in 2017!), for the water cycle the new year started in October.  This is the time of the year wheThere's more…

Free Assistance to Watershed Groups

Consortium for Scientific Assistance to Watersheds Groups and Other Organizations maybe able to provide free technical assistance to your watershed organization.

Groups eligible for assistance include:

Incorporated watershed organizations recognized by PADEP and established to promote Local watershed conservation efforts Counties, municipalities, and their subdivisions; There's more…

Pennsylvania Environmental Solutions Conservation, Alternative Energy, Sustainability

Grassroots Community based solutions for environmental and energy conservation, watershed management, alternative and renewable energy, biomass, geothermal, wind, solar, stormwater management, land-based wastewater disposal, LEED-AP, Green Associate, continuing education training for professionals and water reuse.There's more…

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