We were hacked! (not 'fracked')

A few days ago, our site was hacked. Several of our members noticed malicious changes when they tried to download the newsletter.
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Flooding Alert

We've been asked to remind you: With the approach of Hurricane Sandy, please be watchful for overflowing 'frack' ponds.
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Industry Lawyers Target 'Shale Gas Outrage' Website

The organizers of last week's "Shale Gas Outrage 2" in Philadelphia are reporting that the fracking industry has threatened legal action against their website.
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Post-Gazette Wins Award for Fracking Expose

The Sidney Hillman Foundation announced recently that the Erich Schwartzel and Julia Rendleman of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette have won the September Sidney Award for “Fouled Waters,” a three-month investigation into a mysterious blight on the water supply of the Woodlands, a small Pennsylvania town surrounded by natural gas wells.
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Our Menus have Changed

Please be aware that we've made some minor changes on our website, as of Saturday, July 14. Some of our menus have been rearranged. We hope that this will make the site easier-to-use, and that any confusion will be minimal. If you have concerns or notice any problems, please Contact Us and use the "Feedback" category. Thanks!

Tom Ridge: "Environmental Champion" (Penna. Environmental Council)


The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) will present former Gov. Tom Ridge with a "Lifetime Achievement" award in Pittsburgh on June 28. Mr. Ridge, employed at $1 million/yr to represent the natural gas industry's Marcellus Shale Coalition, is described as "a champion of the environment" by PEC. The June 28 award celebration will be "made possible by a grant from the Dominion Foundation".
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Announcement: Donation & Fiscal Sponsorship Change

Both new and old visitors to our website will notice that our fiscal sponsorship has recently changed.There's more…

Radio Spot

CURE has produced a radio spot that's been running on KDKA (the oldest and most prestigious AM station in Pittsburgh). An 'illustrated' version is available on You Tube.


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Our Mission Statement

Marcellus Protest is an alliance of western PA groups & individuals building a broad movement to stop the destruction of our environment and communities caused by Marcellus Shale gas drilling; we are committed to supporting communities affected by fracking.
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