Butler County PA

The Woodlands: Underfunded 'Water Bank' Closes

A local water bank in Butler County serving 40 families who lost their water after REX Energy began drilling for natural gas had to close their doors last week because donations dropped off.

Below is a Letter to the Editor that a Butler resident wrote explaining the situation.There's more…

Gas Drilling in Butler County - How Fracked Are We?

5 years 28 weeks ago

A free public meeting to review the impact of gas drilling in Butler County over the past few years. How fracked are we?There's more…

Oct 6-12 Flyer-1.pdf969.64 KB

Cranberry Township / Seven Fields GASLAND screening

6 years 43 weeks ago

Screening of GASLAND followed by discussion of drilling on and under Seneca Valley School District land and campuses.

Marcellus Outreach- Butler

Marcellus Outreach Butler is a group of Butler County, Pennsylvania individuals and coalitions concerned about the health and safety of our communities due to horizontal, slickwater, hydrofracture drilling in Marcellus Shale for the extraction of natural gas.

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