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Falcon Pipeline: PaDEP will hold public hearings

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has announced public hearings on Shell's "Falcon" pipeline. Watch our calendar for times and locations as they are determined.
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Fracking at Edgar Thomson?

U.S. Steel has announced an agreement to lease a portion of the Edgar Thomson plant for a drill pad, from which the surrounding area can be fracked. Local residents and families have been left in the dark, to wait for the consequences of fracking. This page is a place for collecting information and resources to share with the community.
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No PetroChemical Build-Out

See our updated information and resources on the "PetroChemical Build-Out" threatening the Ohio River Valley.
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Up the Creek Without a Paddle

I’m not sure what is most disturbing about all this…

  • The fact it is happening without more public alarm
  • The Pa DEP tried to withhold these water test results
  • No reporters or politicians showed up at this meeting
  • This creek flows into the Mon River; our drinking water source

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up_the_creek_30May15.pdf1.35 MB

UPDATE: Register for EPA 'public hearing' - Aug. 1

You can still register to make your comments on Friday, August 1. You will have 5 minutes in which to deliver your statement.There's more…

The Worst (so far) Congressional Collusion with Frackers

A penny for your thoughts? But, if they're about drilling, speaking up will cost you $5,000. The United States House of Representatives has passed HR-1965, a cornucopia of anti-environmental provisions, including:
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Divestment: Casting Off the Ties

“If it’s wrong to wreck the planet, then it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage.” That’s divestment from a moral perspective. A tactical reasoning goes like this: An institution invested in fossil energy has a reason for that industry to get its own way; but, when the institution divests, it frees itself to work for the good of humankind.
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During this Holiday Season, please support Marcellus Protest

Dear Supporters of Marcellus Protest,

November 2013 marks the third anniversary of Pittsburgh's ban on fracking. Pittsburgh was the first community in the entire world to take this bold action, and the Marcellus Protest organization is proud of our role in helping to make it happen.
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Uncle Sam Needs [to hear from] YOU, before November 29

The US Coast Guard (USCG) has published its proposed rules for transporting toxic fracking wastewater on river barges. The deadline for public comment is Friday, November 29.

Here's how to comment, and why you should take a position.
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Pay to Play PA: $1,011,542.73 buys a lot of legislative favor

From John Trallo:

FIght back against HB1576 and SB1047, The Endangered Species Re-designation Act, that will systematically remove long-standing protections for endangered plants, animals, fish and fowl in Pennsylvania. Let these legislators know that WE ARE WATCHING - AND WE VOTE and we will vote against any state senator, state representative -- Republican or Democrat -- who votes in support of these two bills.
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