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Fracking our Allegheny County Parks ?

Did you know that Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald wants to lease OUR County Parks for toxic fracking?
Residents of Allegheny County, we need you to speak out, get involved, and Protect our Parks!

Click here to learn how you can help...

Don't Frack Ohio: Monday, July 29, in Warren (OH)

Dont Frack Ohio logoWe're Back: Don't Frack Ohio 2

Ohio Representatives have shown time and time again that they represent the interest of the Ohio oil & gas industry over communities.

July 29th we are going to take a stand and ask them to join with us in protecting Ohioans from radioactive waste.

The People’s Assembly will take place in Warren, Ohio at Courthouse Square with a bolder action following.
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Pssst!! Hey! You wanna buy some democracy??

"Freedom Isn't Free", but ours is apparently for sale. So, if you have $1000 to invest, and if having a fracking-friendly mayor for the City of Pittsburgh is worth big bucks to you, get yourself to the Airport on April 18, and hand your money to the Jack Wagner campaign.
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Wagner Marcellus fundraiser Invite.pdf548.67 KB

Follow-up actions on "airport fracking" legislation

We've endured the manufactured media event that was Allegheny County's "public hearing" on airport fracking. There are two more opportunities to show your commitment:

  • Send written comments to Allegheny County Council by 5pm, Friday, Feb. 15
  • Attend the meeting of the "Public Works Committee" of Council: (Thurs., Feb. 14, 4:30pm, 'Conference Rm 1' at County Courthouse)

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Public Hearing about Airport Drilling

Check the 'comments' to this item, if you're looking for possible talking points for Thursday's meeting.

ACTION ALERT - Contact County Executive Rich Fitzgerald & the Allegheny County Council

Click here for full details and contact information for your elected officials.

You can also download this one-page flyer and distribute it in your neighborhood.
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Details on airport fracking308.9 KB
Sample Letter (for Elected County Officials)79.67 KB
One-page flyer - for you to distribute178.04 KB

Please sign the 'Willie Nelson Farm Aid' petition

Willie Nelson's Farm Aid movement is coming to Pennsylvania on September 22, at Hersheypark Stadium. We're petitioning Willie to denounce fracking of American's farmland - from the stage, at this concert.

Click here to add your name.
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Riverdale: The Front-Line of Citizen Resistance

The time is NOW to come to Riverdale. Contact us for details.

Here's a first-hand report:There's more…

Call for Volunteers: Compiling a mailing list of township supervisors

Are you looking for a way to pitch in? (Are you old enough to remember 'stuffing envelopes'; and do you wonder what happened to simple, useful tasks like that?) Please volunteer to help us in compiling a mailing list.There's more…

Our Canadien colleagues observe Earth Day

In Montreal, Quebec, Canada, citizens' groups from all backgrounds will attend a major event on Earth Day, April 22, 2012. A delegation from Pittsburgh will be attending. Please join us in supporting their event.There's more…

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