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Stealing Water from PA

A photograph from fracktivist Joe, these trucks are lined up to slurp up millions of gallons of clean Susquehanna River water to frack wells.

Joe says: "Water trucks lined up at Midnight in Terry Township for water withdrawal from the Susquehanna. This is a 24/7 operation and as most are sleeping, our precious river is being usurped of it's life giving value, our water."There's more…

  • Stealing Water from PA

Do you pay for services not rendered?

No, you say. But, yeah you do.

During the Vietnam War some young men who opposed the war disregarded their draft notices, they were known as Conscientious Objectors. I suggest we become Conscientious Objectors to state taxation. (There is precedent for being a Conscientious objector to military taxation.) There's more…

Please write letters to the editor about passage of HB1950

On February 7, 2012 a majority of Pennsylvania's state legislators voted for the passage of HB1950. This bill usurps the ability of PA's municipalities, both big & small, to protect their residents from all of the activities associated with fracking for shale gas.There's more…

Application for Compressor Station in Frazer Twp. - need you to send comments!


Please submit written comments to the Allegheny Health Dept. - ASAP :

The more comments they receive, the likelier the Dept. will conduct a public hearing.Share this far & wide.There's more…

Jan. 10: Protest at the Ohio Statehouse

"Stop Fracking Ohio" will hold a protest rally on Tuesday, Jan. 10, to call for a moratorium on fracking wells and injection disposal wells. Bus transportation is available from Youngstown to Columbus. See our calendar for details, or visit their web page at

An Urgent Funding Appeal from Marcellus Protest

Dear Friends and “Fracktivists”,

About 18 months ago, a ragtag collection of concerned Pittsburgh-area citizens became alarmed at the rapidly rising environmental threat of Marcellus Shale hydrofracking and began to organize unified resistance to that threat.
There's more…

Marcellus Protest appears in US News on-line debate and poll

UPDATE (Dec. 2) The 'poll' has closed, and results are in. You can view the outcome at (Spoiler: The 'No' position swept the field: all 5 'No' statements finished ahead of any of the 'Yes' essays.) The full statement from Marcellus Protest will appear on this blog next week. Thanks for voting!There's more…

Will City of Pittsburgh Stand Up to Toxic Trespass?

"From the Findings and Intent of the ordinance we read, “The City Council of Pittsburgh possesses the authority to establish policies that protect the rights of the community. That authority includes the right to make laws that declare the involuntary intrusion of corporate-produced, mined, transported, processed and disposed-of chemicals, toxins, brines, radioactive and other harmful materials into the bodies of City residents and ecosystems of the community a form of trespass. The human and natural communities of Pittsburgh possess inalienable rights, including the right not to be trespassed upon, the right to a healthy environment, and other rights enumerated in the laws of this City, the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Constitution of the United States of America (as well as rights not enumerated) and the people possess the power and authority to enforce the laws of their City that protect these rights."There's more…

Pittsburgh Toxic Trespass Ordinance.pdf140.06 KB

Occupy DUG East!

Join us to Occupy DUG East, the industry's biggest fracking conference.There's more…

Occupy-DUG-East[REV].pdf262.92 KB

Turning Occupation into Lasting Change

Turning Occupation into Lasting Change

Posted by Thomas Linzey and Jeff Reifman on October 11th, 2011

How Pittsburgh, Spokane and other communities can point the Occupy
movement towards elevating rights for people and nature over corporate

The history of populist uprisings like Occupy Wall Street isn’t aThere's more…

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