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Press Conference & March at US EPA Hearing - Pittsburgh

6 years 16 weeks ago

From the Sierra Club:

Pittsburgh to Host One of Three Public Hearings Nationally on Proposed Federal Standards for Polluting IndustriesThere's more…

March 2012 issue of Good Housekeeping - fracking article

5 years 46 weeks ago

Not exactly a press conference - Good Housekeeping's an article on fracking, originally scheduled to be in the November 2011 issue - has been postponed to March 2012 issue.

In June 2011 the writer interviewed various women living in the Marcellus region, who are affected by fracking.There's more…

Press Conference - the Sautner's great new billboard!

6 years 24 weeks ago

More details:!/event.php?eid=239312932757323

Craig and Julie Sautner have erected a new billboard near their home in Dimock Twp.

Cabot polluted their well 3 years ago and have steadfastly refused to accept responsibility.

Development of Natural Gas from Shales: Myths & Realities

6 years 36 weeks ago

PA Sierra Club

Cornell Professor Anthony Ingraffea speaking on Development of Natural Gas from Shales: Some Myths and Realities

We will evaluate myth and facts concerning some of the more notable issues involved in development of unconventional natural gas wells in shale formations.
Among these are:
Such development is a 60-year-old Well-Proven TechnologyThere's more…

Press Conference re: Chesapeake well blow out - Towanda

6 years 39 weeks ago

Chesapeake well blowout in Bradford County

A press conference will be held by Attorney Todd O'Malley, he will call on Governor Corbett to cancel all permits and place a moratorium on Chesapeake.There's more…

Josh Fox - in Washington, DC

6 years 48 weeks ago

Josh Fox and Mark Ruffalo will hold a press conference with Rep Maurice Hinchey in DC. at 10 a.m.

Following the press conference they will spend the day visiting US Senators and Representatives on Capitol Hill.

Not all details are available, but in the planning stages: A screening of GASLAND at the Landmark on E. Street & a Q and A w/ Mark and Josh. There's more…

Obama's visit to Penn State rescheduled to 2/6/11 - due to weather

6 years 50 weeks ago

Just rec'd at 11 p.m. on Jan. 31:

"A new White House press release has announced tonight that President Obama’s visit to Penn State has been rescheduled for Thursday. The change in date is the result of the impending snow storm set to hit State College overnight on Tuesday.There's more…

Press Conference Scranton

7 years 17 weeks ago

Close the loopholes - It’s time to end special tax breaks for Big Oil, Big Tobacco and Big Corporations.

Info: Roxanne Pauline 570-840-1650 or

Councilman Shields introduces Drilling Ban legislation

7 years 19 weeks ago

Councilman Shields invites Pittsburghers to stand with him in support of his legislation to ban Marcellus drilling in the city of Pittsburgh.

Press Conference re:Banning Drilling in Pittsburgh

7 years 22 weeks ago

Councilman Doug Shields will hold a press conference on Tuesday, August 16th at 11:00 AM where he is expected to announce his intention to introduce legislation that will ban corporations from drilling for natural gas within the city.There's more…

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