Fracking in our Community - New Wilmington

6 years 1 week ago

Fracking in our Community – Panel Discussion

An informative, fair and balanced discussion from both sides of the fracking debate

Contact: Carrie Hahn: 412-337-1671

Fracking Truth Alliance of Lawrence & Mercer Counties on Facebook:

Gasland & panel discussion

5 years 49 weeks ago


Marcellus Shale Exposed: A Symposium for Truth and Action

No matter what your level of familiarity with drilling, all attendees will learn something new at Marcellus Shale Exposed. The event is open to the public free of charge, although registration will soon be available at our website, www.marcellus-shale-exposed. orgThere's more…

Deborah Rogers on Economics of Drilling - Kutztown

6 years 3 weeks ago


Rogers on Economics of Drilling
Deborah Rogers, founder of the Energy Policy Forum, will speak on the economics of unconventional natural gas drilling. The event is hosted by Berks Gas Truth, a grassroots community group opposed to drilling. There's more…

Sr. Nora Nash: Corporate Responsibility and Citizen Activism

5 years 45 weeks ago

On April 10th, we are bringing Sister Nora Nash, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Order of the Sisters of St. Francis in Philadelphia to speak to campus and community about corporate responsibility and citizenship activism for the anti-fracking movement.

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