“Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity: The Moral Dimensions of Climate Change and Sustainable Development”

2 years 43 weeks ago

Vatican Announces Major Summit On Climate Change early this Summer,



2 years 42 weeks ago

Mama Summit is a chance for moms, dad, grandparents, and kids from across the country to show broad and united support for children’s health. Together in a bipartisan, or MOMpartisan, setting we will demand action to protect the air our children breathe–both indoor and outdoor–and call for action on climate change.

Info and Registration:There's more…

Water Protection - Barnesville Ohio

2 years 45 weeks ago

Seeking input from the community & offering information on Barnesville's source water protection plan.

Illegal Dumping of Oil & Gas Drilling Waste into Tributary of Mahoning River - w/ Kurt Kollar, Bart Ray, OH EPA

2 years 47 weeks ago

LIVE talk 7pm WED: Kurt Kollar, who handled investigation & cleanup of dumping of oil field fracking waste involving Ben Lupo, and Bart Ray, who handled criminal investigation of the case.There's more…



2 years 47 weeks ago

Schedule : Thur. March 26 @ Zek's Coffee 6015 Penn Ave Pittsburgh Pa at 10 AM
Friday March 27 @ Mariott, Airport , 777 Aten Rd. Coraopolis, Montour exit of 376. Subject, Environment and energy.Time 10 AMThere's more…

ALEC and the Oil & Gas Industry v. Source Water Protection & Home Rule in Ohio - with Dr. Julie Weatherington-Rice

2 years 48 weeks ago

Dr. Weatherington-Rice at Youngstown State University Mar 25 WED 7pm "ALEC & Oil & Gas Industry v. Source Water Protection & Home Rule in Ohio: How we got to where we are and what we can do about it," by Dr.There's more…


2 years 50 weeks ago

Republican politicians led by Rep. Turzai are rigging the system on behalf of big corporations and the wealthy, while our families are just struggling to get by. This has gone on for too long, and on March 11 our families are stepping up across the country. We are rising to reclaim government, and demand that we put people and the planet before profits and polluters.

‘The Woodlands’

2 years 51 weeks ago

Dr. John Stolz of Duquesne University will appear in an interview with Stacey Smith on KDKA-TV tomorrow morning (Sunday) at 11:30am.

"When Unconventional Gas Drilling Comes to Town: What Parents and Community Members Need to Know"

2 years 50 weeks ago

Join us for an informational workshop on the potential health effects of gas drilling operations, engaging a parent advocacy network, and developing a community response to gas drilling near schools.

Fracking is a Feminist Issue (Steingraber at Pitt)

2 years 46 weeks ago

Lecture by Sandra Steingraber: "Fracking is a Feminist Issue: Women Confronting Fossil Fuels and Petrochemicals in an Age of Climate Emergency"

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