Regular meeting: Beaver County Marcellus Awareness Committee (BCMAC)

3 weeks 3 days ago

Regular meeting of BCMAC/CAP. New people are welcome. Come for latest updates on the Falcon Pipeline and its threat to the Ambridge Reservoir. (More info on BCMAC's website:

Frontlines: Natural Gas and Our Water

4 weeks 20 hours ago

Learn what to expect and how you can protect your water and community. Our speakers are Dr. John Stolz, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Biology at Duquesne University and an expert on water contamination from gas drilling, and Rosemary Stewart, a resident of Bell Acres and an active member of several environmental community groups.
There's more…

An Environmental Look at Pipelines and Fracking

6 years 1 week ago

A panel review will provide information and dialogue concerning the process of hydrofracking, pipelining out fuel produced from the process, and impacts to our communities.There's more…

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