This yellow brick road will lead to toxic misery

Letters to the editor - Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Reminiscent of "The Wizard of Oz," we witness our politicians, "The Great Wizards," license the destruction of the "Emerald City" (Pennsylvania), filling their coffers with "gold" as the Marcellus Shale Coalition marches down this "yellow brick road." Dorothy and company (the citizens) search for brains, heart and courage in the temple of our democracy and find what actually exists is a world market filled with greed and deception. Even "Toto" is wise enough to pull the curtain and expose this fraud.

While gas companies make billions exporting our resources to a world market, thousands of pounds of toxins are pumped into our rivers and watersheds daily. We are confronted with laws written that take our rights away and a group of people who want to be seen as "smart," "cooperative" and "progressive" -- so smart that lessons of the past are forgotten, so cooperative that when told to drink the Kool-Aid and shut up, they do.

"Progressives" go so far as to defend careless, destructive practices, contamination of air and water, hypnotizing themselves into believing all is well in "Oz."

Evolution into a nation of political correctness frowns upon emotional debate, rising up against unfair treatment and expecting that our constitutional rights are upheld. Those who dare challenge undemocratic practices are labeled "extremists." Exploitation is the name of the game. We're too "smart" to be deceived, right?

Who needs life-sustaining water? We have Consol Energy Center and casinos. Let's go worship under the Walmart tree!

This isn't Kansas anymore!