Marcellus Protest appears in US News on-line debate and poll

UPDATE (Dec. 2) The 'poll' has closed, and results are in. You can view the outcome at (Spoiler: The 'No' position swept the field: all 5 'No' statements finished ahead of any of the 'Yes' essays.) The full statement from Marcellus Protest will appear on this blog next week. Thanks for voting!

Please check out our statement in the on-line poll conducted by US News & World Report, at, on the question "Is Fracking a Good Idea?" Our statement (by John Detwiler) is headlined "No. The industry promises to 'do it right' but there is no such thing." You can 'vote' for this position by clicking the UP arrow next to the entry.

(NOTE: We are embargoed from publishing the full text on our site, until US News has taken it down from theirs. Please go to the US News link, and vote!)