An Urgent Funding Appeal from Marcellus Protest

Dear Friends and “Fracktivists”,

About 18 months ago, a ragtag collection of concerned Pittsburgh-area citizens became alarmed at the rapidly rising environmental threat of Marcellus Shale hydrofracking and began to organize unified resistance to that threat.

Surprisingly, shortly after those initial community meetings and local showings of Gasland, Josh Fox’s now famous documentary, those same residents were able to create a mass organization now known across the region and around the world as Marcellus Protest.

Under that banner, the first citywide ban in the nation (and perhaps the world) was then unanimously passed by the Pittsburgh City Council led by activist Councilman Doug Shields.

Since then, Marcellus Protest has become one of the most visible and leading groups that has consistently opposed “fracking” in every way possible. Much of that attention has come -- and we claim this proudly -- because Marcellus Protest has stood on principle and refused to compromise on anything less than a total ban until there is objective evidence that “fracking” will not poison our environment. To date, no such evidence has been produced.

Marcellus Protest has been able, despite remaining a volunteer group, to turn out masses of people to oppose the frackers on multiple occasions, most recently at the DUG East conference in conjunction with Shadbush Collective and OccupyPgh.

We are also proud of the many other groups in outlying W. PA communities that have been able to use Marcelllus Protest as a resource and springboard to create their own activist community-based groups that now involve hundreds in their efforts while still supporting Marcellus Protest. Most of those can be found on our website, and they continue to do amazing organizing.

Our website,, has been up for over a year and, while often difficult to run with mostly volunteer help, remains one of, if not the most, viewed anti-fracking sites. Due to our dynamic presence, we have now forged ties not only with groups around the US, but as far afield as the Province of Quebec, France, and Australia; and hardly a day goes by without requests for help from both local and other areas.

Our Outreach Group, often working with other groups like Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) and Mountain Watershed Association (MWA), has often been able to provide speakers and materials for public events when requested. And we have recently, in cooperation with the Shadbush Environmental Justice Collective, printed our second 20,000 copy run of the Shalefields Grassroots Reporter, which is very widely distributed.

Now, at the end of 2011, we come to you, our supporters and defenders of our planet, to ask that you make a financial contribution that we may continue this important work. We have recently learned that our website/internet fees may likely increase and our printing expenses, as we continue to provide much free literature to movement activists, are also rapidly growing.

We have survived the past year by a rather irregular and unsteady flow of contributions through our website without making direct appeals. In addition, we were fortunate in receiving an unsolicited surprise donation from a non-profit fund that was impressed with our work.

Frankly, our current budget will only carry us forward for a few more months and so we ask that you consider a year-end donation to make sure that Marcellus Protest can continue our organizing and responses to the ever-growing environmental threat and damage of “fracking”.

The energy companies have spent tens of millions buying their way through most of our local, state, and federal legislative bodies. Due to their corrupting influence, both the US EPA and the PA DEP have been severely crippled and cannot be counted on to protect us.

Our children’s futures, indeed our planet’s future, will be determined by our actions. Marcellus Protest will continue to do whatever we can to organize for environmental justice and safer world for our children. Won’t you help?

You can donate directly through our website,, by clicking on the “donate” button or you may mail a check made out to Center for Coalfield Justice (our 501c3 fiscal sponsor) and mail it to:
CCJ/Marcellus Protest
184 So Main St, PO Box 1080
Washington , PA 15301.

Please note Marcellus Protest on the check memo line. ALL donations are fully tax-deductible under Federal Law.

Thank you for ALL that you do, and never forget that “We can only all do better when we ALL do better.”

Marcellus Protest.