City Council Votes Unanimously to Support Ban - Updated with VIDEO

Today the Pittsburgh City Council made a final unanimous vote (9-0) to ban fracking in the city of Pittsburgh. City Councillor Doug Shields, who introduced the legislation, raged against corporate power; the audience applauded City Council; and City Council applauded the audience and the people and groups who made it happen: Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, Marcellus Protest and others.

Below are some excerpted comments made by Doug Shields, Councilman, and Darlene Harris, Council President just prior to the vote when both spoke forcefully and emotionally re: fracking.

Doug Shields:
"The state says we have no rights, no say. This is unacceptable."
"There is incontrovertible evidence that drilling operations pollute the wells."

About the companies
"They constantly ignore citizen's property rights."
"They don't own this country."

About the bill
"This is an important statement we're making today and we're being heard around the world. People are looking to this council."j

About our movement
"These are ordinary people in extra-ordinary circumstances who stood up and said the right things."
"This is one small step in a larger issue for our country."
"We're all in this together and I look forward to working with other communities."

Darlene Harris:
About the company claim of job creation:
"They're bringing jobs all right, for funeral homes and hospitals. Is this what we want?"
About the role of council:
"We want to protect our families, our friends, our senior citizens. That's our job as City Council."

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